Christine’s market pick of the week

It’s a beautiful, crisp sunny day for a trip to the Vic Market. Christine returned from her morning shop, eager to share her tips for what to buy.

Vic Market Cauliflower

Christine shows us where to shop for the best picks of seasonal produce at the Vic Market. Christine couldn’t resist taking a photo of these pearly white cauliflowers at Garden Organics, and it’s the perfect season for a warming baked cauli. A no-fuss after-work cook up of cauliflower, peas, cheesy béchamel sauce, a generous handful of chopped parsley, and the best streaky bacon from Leo the butcher at Donati’s Fine Meats in Carlton. Just the thing for a wintery Friday night, wouldn’t you say?

Go to ‘Happy Tuna’ shop 27 in the fish hall to find the freshest catch; the John Dory, King George whiting, and snapper are particularly good now. Wayne Chitty’s grandfather began working at the Market in the 1920s, Wayne has been working in the Market for 48 years and now works along side his son, Brett. A great family business!

Garden Organics is in Shed I, Stalls 71-77 near the deli exit. A fantastic stall for quality, organic, local fruit and veg.

Can’t help but smile at the cute graphic on the Garden Organics paper bags.

Deliciously sweet local mandarins. “Put Victoria on your table.”